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Walk-On Part

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 by Millie-Pup

Dear Auntie Mary and Uncle Ian

I simply can't believe it!  Yesterday The Film Crew arrived here at Club 15CC and, given that Guru Kaur had kindly made me look the Prettiest Millie possible the day before in anticipation, it just seemed perfectly obvious that the day was going to be all about me as usual.  

But no, I was banished.  Yesterday's news!  Last year's Hot Sensation.  It was only a very small consolation to see that I'd been passed over for Guru Kaur and that she's being recognised in her own name at last.  Even being given an extra chocolate not to blurt out "I'm ready when you are" didn't ease the pain of no longer being a star.  But worse, it's just a simply horrid feeling to be passed over.  Worse, it's awful to be considered, well, past it.  

Oh, how I loved it last summer when The Film Crew came here and we had blissful days together playing in the park and bicycling along the river.  I was a Starlet, a camera on me at all times; I felt like a million bucks!  Apparently The Film Crew make it visible on Sky when the sun is in a certain planetary alignment which I don't understand at all.  That's the modern world for you.  The Sky's always there, behind the clouds even if you can't see it so why we have to wait I don't know.  

Anyway, all was not lost yesterday.  The Film Crew decided before they left Club 15CC to show Guru Kaur walking along the canal with her symbolic reflection in the still water.  It was reminiscent of all those days she spent at the Golden Temple sitting by the water disturbed only by ethereal music and the tails of the carp beating time to the Universal rhythm.  Only now it's England and Ventile waterproofs and Pink Gum Boots and not flowing white cotton and draped silk with marble-buffed feet.  

Never one to forget that Horace advises Carpe Diem, I elected to assume a walk-on part. It may not have been the Starring Role I'm used to but a little cameo role can do wonders for prolonging your career.  I mean Dame Judi got a big award for stealing the show in Shakespeare in Love when she was only on screen for a few minutes, and look where it led?  Having her own dog in Cranford, not bad, huh.  

The only thing is I was hoping that there would be walking involved.  I was all ready and waiting to go on a jolly good hike the way we did with Sky.  But no, it was awfully static and deep and meaningful.  Improvising and imperious I decided to add some light relief in the background by running from tree to tree.  So sad that the Moorhens and Swans are all off on half-term otherwise they could have joined in the mayhem.  Now I'm worried: do you think I overstepped the mark and I'll end up on the cutting room floor?  

Love From




Millie-Pup lives at Club 15CC wtih Guru Kaur, Nick Fleming and Hari Karam Singh in one of London's best kept secrets.  Her desert island luxury would be an endless supply of homemade apple and cinnamon biscuits, her book the Physiology of Taste, and her one record Albatross by the Fleetwood Mac.  She likes a gentle summer breeze, wild flowers and Bougainvillea, prefers window seats with a sunny aspect and anything in a tasteful shade of pink.

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