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Miracles in Monochrome

Friday, 20 July 2007 by Guru Kaur

Dear Mary and Ian

Good morning, good mornin' as the milkman used to say so cheerily whatever the weather.  Today is one of those whatever the weather type days here too.

Millie, what joys will it bring us today?  A few days ago, the skies were a thousand shades of monchrome like today.  Without any fanfare, mid-afternoon, a miracle happened.   The carpet magically illuminated, resplendent with glistening precious jewels, filling the room with a vibrant vitality.  Totally enchanted Millie basked in the warm glow, her coat ruffled by the gentle breeze, to enjoy the animated scene on the wall of morphing shapes, as if she were lounging on the Italian Riviera in the lazy afternoon watching the yachts sail by and the warm sand melted into her form.  Time stood still.  Do we remember the first time we felt sunshine?  Did it relax us so profoundly then?  When did we lose our sense of wonder at all that it brings to our lives?

Millie has now learnt that there is a World Outside the Window, and unlike those outings through the round window on Playschool, she too can venture out there.  The first time I held her up to the window she licked the pane not seeing beyond the limits of the glass.  Now she observes the lives of those she sees, the ducks, swans, commuters and the plethora of pets who amble past taking it all in their stride.  Most of all though she knows that this is the source of that most extraordinary experience, sunlight.  Her mystery today as she stood gazing out wistfully is when, oh when, will it happen again.  Millie, my dear, it is by God's grace.  Enjoy it when it happens.

With love, blessings, gratitude


Guru Kaur

PS according to today's weather forecast the best weather is in the Scottish Highlands; it always is though: "there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"

Guru Kaur

Guru Kaur

Guru Kaur makes lovely things in the kitchen, especially jam, chocolates and biscuits.  Her favourite things include homemade fresh buttered toast and her marmalade, knitting with Alpaca, the Way of Tea, Tana Lawn, watercolours, the Golden Temple before sunrise and English sandy beaches before sunset, Bellagio, and Monet's Woman with Parasol.  


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