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I've Got A Tattoo

Friday, 30 November 2007 by Millie-Pup

Dear Auntie Mary and Uncle Ian
Please don't be cross with me when you see me tomorrow. Please. It's only that I'm growing up and asserting my own individual identity.
The other day I noticed that Hari Karam has a tattoo and some of the girls who come to Pineapple do too. It makes them look really cool with serious street cred. They have an edge over the rest. They've been through a rite of passage revealing an inner strength not always matched till then by an outer appearance of living on the edge.
I'm fed up with being a little cute puppy and not being taken seriously because I'm so fluffy and white. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got one of Hari Karam's high-lighters, removed the lid and succeeded with much contortion to make my tattoo on my arm. I managed to keep it hidden for a whole day and thought that when Guru Kaur saw it she would think I was all grown up. Oh no, none of that. She just ignored me icily. Hari Karam on the other hand got a severe reprimand, even though he didn't do anything actually to help me. He's not to lead young girls astray and encourage behaviour unsuitable for a lady. When Guru Kaur told him off for making me denigrate my natural outstanding beauty I realised that maybe it hadn't been such a great idea. I rather wish that I'd chosen the pip-squeak washable pens instead (which also offered more colours). I'm only hoping that it will wash off with Blue Pearl. I even tried today to get extra dirty on our walk but Guru Kaur's ignoring my arm on purpose. I think she's making me learn the permanent consequences of my actions.
Love From



Millie-Pup lives at Club 15CC wtih Guru Kaur, Nick Fleming and Hari Karam Singh in one of London's best kept secrets.  Her desert island luxury would be an endless supply of homemade apple and cinnamon biscuits, her book the Physiology of Taste, and her one record Albatross by the Fleetwood Mac.  She likes a gentle summer breeze, wild flowers and Bougainvillea, prefers window seats with a sunny aspect and anything in a tasteful shade of pink.

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