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Holier Than Thou

Friday, 06 June 2008 by Guru Kaur

Dear Mary and Ian

We left Millie-Pup quietly sleeping enjoying le lit en rose while we went down for our Afternoon Tea.  Suddenly, she came trotting into the kitchen all agitated.  I took her downstairs while Nick went upstairs and I heard the distant cry of “Ohhh, Nooooo”.  Millie-Pup reluctantly clung onto my skirt as we first walked up stairs before I picked her up as we were summoned to the High Court.  “What is this?” said the Judge, holding up a bottle green pair of tracksuit bottoms.  “Your tracksuit”, I replied, calmly with a straight bat;stating the obvious is always a good defence.  “That I know”, he said, not amused.  “What is that?” he reiterated as he pointed to the rather soggy backside of them now perforated with holes like a Tetley Tea Bag.  Millie-Pup looked innocently, and knowingly, into the distance as though she knew that for Nick, running is his Holy Grail, and she was just moving it all along.  If you want to run as fast as Mille-Pup you need to feel the wind against your skin, the ruffling of your clothes, just like her.

with love, blessings, gratitude


Guru Kaur

Guru Kaur

Guru Kaur

Guru Kaur makes lovely things in the kitchen, especially jam, chocolates and biscuits.  Her favourite things include homemade fresh buttered toast and her marmalade, knitting with Alpaca, the Way of Tea, Tana Lawn, watercolours, the Golden Temple before sunrise and English sandy beaches before sunset, Bellagio, and Monet's Woman with Parasol.  


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