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Elmo, Elmo Wherefore Art Thou?

Wednesday, 11 February 2009 by Millie-Pup

Dear Millie-Pup

I just had to write to you about our brother Elmo.  Wow, does he think he's the bee's knees!  Top of the pack, Latin Lover, the lot!

Do you know he has gone completely overboard with both Lady Cipriani and Lady Whisper.  He doesn't mind which, and in fact I have to be careful with him as well, if you know what I mean!  Lady C and Lady W have decided to stay in their first floor suite with the pups today for their own safety.  Although, I must say that Lady W, who doesn't mind a little bit of male attention, was starting to fall for his charms until old Goatie firmly took him in hand, and put him in the dorm with Grandma Tiramisu who does not put up with any monkey business especially from adolescent boys.  So finally we all managed to get a good night's sleep here.

He's a natural at early morning chanting with us but he can't match Tiramisu, nobody can!  Talking of which I'm really joining in with the latest Guru Kaur yoga disc which has been playing non stop here since it arrived.  I just love to bark along with all that Sa Ta Na Ma stuff.  Do you?  Goatie and Mary were wondering if your neighbours hear you as they are sure ours can hear me!

Actually I like old Elmo.  He looks a little like you, but he's debonair in that swashbuckling Erol Flynn way whereas you are just so sweet and pretty.  I'm off for a walk with him now to show him my patch.

Love from



Millie-Pup lives at Club 15CC wtih Guru Kaur, Nick Fleming and Hari Karam Singh in one of London's best kept secrets.  Her desert island luxury would be an endless supply of homemade apple and cinnamon biscuits, her book the Physiology of Taste, and her one record Albatross by the Fleetwood Mac.  She likes a gentle summer breeze, wild flowers and Bougainvillea, prefers window seats with a sunny aspect and anything in a tasteful shade of pink.

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