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Tuesday, 16 December 2008 by Millie-Pup

Dear Auntie Mary and Uncle Ian 

OMG, I can’t believe it! It was such a surprise, I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I just didn’t know who to thank, so, of course, I thanked you and Uncle Ian, and my mother Bellini, and all of Club 15CC without whose support this would not have been possible, and Guru Kaur for all those hours of throwing things for me to practise catching, all those marathon training walks, and then Nick and Hari Karam for all the advice on how to run up and down and catch mid-air, and for all those who voted for me, and, and, and, and I could have just gone on forever.  But you know the timing of these award events is Swiss-made (like my chocolates!) so I just smiled sweetly and went back to my seat holding my trophy.  It’s rather special you know, many famous Bolognese have won it before and their names are engraved on it.  Maybe Coco-Pops will win it one day, there’s always hope, isn’t there.

Anyway, there’s been much celebrating here at Club 15CC because the Fruit Team were named Team of the Year.  Mssrs Pineapple and Banana had obviously got gold early in the season before Banana retired from injury, but all was not lost because Miss Strawberry and the Cherry Twins (and what a crew they are together – I even saw Mr B nudging Mr P whose eyes were out on stalks) came through for the summer season and clinched the victory on the last lap.  You should have seen them!

The Overseas Bolognese of the Year went to Grandpa Lenny.  Sadly, he was not able to collect his award in person so he sent a special video message saying how much he appreciated all the votes he had got, how he had no idea that he was that popular in the UK, and how he hoped to return some time soon.  The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Old Goatee for his long-suffering chauffeuring of Bolognese around the country to their various parties.  He too could not join us in person and sent a message saying that he was away driving some new kids on the block to their beautician.

Guru Kaur was voted Coach of the Year by a special panel (Nick and Hari Karam) which meant that Club 15CC got a clean sweep of trophies.  You can only imagine the party that we had afterwards (and no, it was not recorded!).

Love From


Bolognese Personality of the Year 2008



Millie-Pup lives at Club 15CC wtih Guru Kaur, Nick Fleming and Hari Karam Singh in one of London's best kept secrets.  Her desert island luxury would be an endless supply of homemade apple and cinnamon biscuits, her book the Physiology of Taste, and her one record Albatross by the Fleetwood Mac.  She likes a gentle summer breeze, wild flowers and Bougainvillea, prefers window seats with a sunny aspect and anything in a tasteful shade of pink.

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