Be the Woman You were Born to Be with Guru Kaur

Meditate with Millie-Pup

Millie-Pup and Guru Kaur meditatingAn integral part of Millie-Pup's day, just as it is with ours, is find that peaceful sanctuary within where thoughts have floated away, like clouds, to create a beautiful clear mind.  

Each morning she joins us in the amrit vela, the ambrosial hours earlier than the first light before sunrise, when the world sleeps and the devout pray. Sometimes she joins in during Kundalini Yoga doing her own version of downward facing dog and cobra pose.  Sometimes she licks my face with encouraging kisses.  And sometimes - and this is her favourite - she jumps on my tummy and walks along my straight raised legs to see if I can still hold them there.  Then when we do a long relaxation she likes to lie on my tummy with her ear listening to my heartbeat.  

Next we sit in deep meditation and that's the part Millie-Pup loves best of all.  As our breath rates slow down to four breaths a minute, hers slow significantly too.  It is a union of bliss, the ecstasy of stillness before the day has yet begun.  

In the evening we also meditate for the hour or so before going to bed.  Millie-Pup knows when I put away my knitting that we move over the Sacred Space to stretch and meditate.  She likes to bring her meditation bone with her which she chews on for a while; it helps her digest what's happened in the day and what thoughts from today she'll carry over to tomorrow.  I put her youthfulness down to this; yesterday's past-their-sell-by-date thoughts are so aging.  

You can read about how Millie-Pup inspired her Auntie Mary and Uncle Ian to meditate in Holiday Time, one of the Millie Missives.  

And if you're inspired to start meditating yourself then you can choose to