Be the Woman You were Born to Be with Guru Kaur

About Millie-Pup

Millie-Pup, Angel FaceMillie-Pup is a dog who has chosen to come back to live on Earth to teach us how to be human.  

She has great understanding of the power of love and the love of life to change people's people's perspectives on how they relate to their own world.  

Millie-Pup is renowned for bringing a smile to everyone's face, and for her shining personality wrapped up in a soft, white and fluffy bundle of energy.  Many lives have been inspired by her joie de vivre and her example.  And, of course, her kisses.  

Millie-Pup is based in London and enjoys going for walks by the river, in the woodland and around the marina, and sometimes further afield in her bicycle basket, on the Tube or by car.  She loves all things of the highest quality, most especially food, and the highlight of her week is going to the Arch in Bermondsey for the weekly shop.  She lives with and loves Guru Kaur, Nick Fleming and Hari Karam Singh and most of all getting up in the morning to meditate with them.  

Those who know her are touched by her deep understanding of language beyonds words, her enormous sense of fun, her stillness and presence, but most of all by her quirky approach to life without the strictures placed on a human.  

Millie Missives

The Millie Missives started as a correspondence between Guru Kaur and Millie-Pup's breeders, Mr and Mrs Poulter, as a light-hearted way to give back to them just a small fraction of the gift of pre-loaded love that Millie arrived with.  From very early on, Millie-Pup established her own personality on them, delighting us all with her puppy antics and wonder at the world.